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Everyone knows that Li'l Pals Parties deliver the very best in Kids Parties and Push Cart Parties, but can they also make custom birthday and/or graduation cakes.  In a word... No!   That's right we don't make custom cakes but we have teamed up with Long Islands very best bakery.

Located in east Meadow, Long Island, sweet Karma Bakery makes and designs all our custom designed cakes.  Their cakes are not only delicious but  can be customized for any occasion.  

If you are having Li'l Pals service your kid's party why not have us deliver your one-of-a-kind custom designed cake.    Our delivery fee is only $15.  All Cake Prices set by Sweet Karma bakery and are determined by the type and size of cake you are ordering.   Have one less thing to worry about and have Li'l Pals Parties bring you the very best cake Long Island has to offer. 

Long Island Custom Cakes

Li'l Pals thanks Sweet Karma bakery in East Meadow, Long Island, New York
The custom made cakes are absolutely delicious but don't forget to check out our party push carts.

 custom designed his and hers cake

Personal Testimonial: My wife and I were recently invited to a  friend's engagement party. It was a small gathering that included about 45 friends and family members.    When the cake was brought out  everyone seemed to gather around it.   I had already filled up on the meal so I was planning on skipping dessert.  As I sat back, relaxing in my lounge chair,  my wife walked over to get her cake and coffee. A few moments later she came back to inform me that there was a wonderful custom designed cake that was about to be served. She knew that I often delivered custom designed cakes and she wanted me to see this cake and size up the competition. 

When I saw the cake I was very impressed.  I've seen many custom made cakes and this one was designed with some very specific details that personalized the cake very specifically to the newly engaged couple.It was a his and hers cake with each half the cake designed to represent the interests of the bride and groom to be. The symbolism did not escape me as both halves joined to created a wonderful (and delicious) whole. Needless to say... I was very impressed.

   Of course, when the time was appropriate, I mentioned to my friend and host, which Long Island Bakery was responsible for the custom designed cake. He proceeded to tell me that he knew  this Bakery in East Meadow, called Sweet Karma , that made the absolutely best cakes on Long Island and that although he lived in Melville he made the drive to East Meadow to get this very special cake for his daughter.  Of course, I was thrilled when I learned that this wonderful cake was not made by a competitor at all but instead was made by the same Bakery that I also found to be the very best.    I informed him that I thought his choice was the right one and that there was no way I could have found or recommended anyone better.  Steve - of Lil Pal's Parties

We do more than deliver custom cakes - read some more about our entertainment... click to view our Long Island Magician page.  Lil Pals Parties also provides free party games with the rental of 3 of our pushcarts.

Bring Your Pals... We'll Bring the Party   (and if you want... we'll also bring the Cake)

Gluten-Free Cakes are available upon request

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(Courtesy of Sweet Karma Bakery)

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